Production ZOOMIFG & C-ACADEMY, Photographer CHICOCIHAN
Fashion ESMOD Berlin, Model Merle@IZAIO






ZOOM IFG is a partnership of independent fashion designers, stylists, producers and models that creates increased creative development in the area of fashion design, clothing merchandising and modeling.

ZOOM IFG is occupied in professional fashion business organizing:

- different fashion events,
- contests of designers,
- stylists & models,
- fashion trades,
- fashion shows and presentations,
- training of would-be models (including kids) and their practice at the shows,
- castings and business tours for professional models,
- participation in showrooms,
- presentations and advertisement shootings for the fashion brands.

Our experts offer amazing concepts and our team present it into reality. Ask ZOOM IFG to produce a show for you and this is what we can provide:

- models,
- dancers,
- choreographers,
- stylists,
- collections,
- wardrobe supervisors,
- dressers,
- make-up artists,
- music selection and recording.

For many years we have been organising catwalk fashion shows and supplying staff to run events on behalf of a wide range of companies.


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